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Not so sweet on the wallet

Not so sweet on the wallet

Mithai and Diwali are words that are always used in one breath. But this year it has been observed that the sale of sweets has gone down due to cost-cutting by corporates and exorbitant rates making it unaffordable for common man.

Manav Bajaj, owner of the factory outlet of Ghasitaram sweets in Malad, said, ” The sales have been effected and it has gone down by 40%. Earlier corporates used to order 1kg sweets per employees but now they order just 250 gms. The price of milk has increased by six times. Last year, a box of 1kg of sweet used to cost Rs300, today it cost Rs600.”

In business since 1916, Ghasitaram has many branches. Manish Bajaj, owner of Ghasitaram of Andheri branch, has introduced 30 varieties of American cookies, veg cakes, pastries and chocolates, for the first time. Along with 21 varieties of kaju katlis, Manish has tried to infuse confectionery with traditional sweets. “We have chocolate katlis but people prefer to buy traditional sweets. Many buy dry fruits-based sweets as they last longer,” he said.

Narayan Swami, the owner of Mani’s sweet, Matunga, has ordered 750kgs of pure ghee from Coimbatore, to make traditional south Indian sweets. Mani’s forayed into sweets 15 years ago and today, it makes more than 700 kgs of Mysore Pak and 8,000 kgs jangary (jalebi). “The quality has remained the same for the past 15 years. It’s always fresh, crispy and tasty,” said Prema Thakkar, a Wadala resident.


Narayan Swami also believes that the sale has gone down despite him offering low prices. Sweet makers credit this sour feeling to the increase in cost of living and e-tailers, as now sweets are available by a click of a button. Health awareness too has been attributed to the slow business. “People are more aware and educated about their health and what foods they should consume,” said Manish.

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